20-21 October 2017

Fairview Farm, Middelburg, Eastern Cape

S31 32’’323’’/’E24 32’’807

Enjoy a ride in the heart of the Karoo!

Horse friendly ride Offering 120 very safe 3×4 meter horse paddocks.
Stallion camps in adequate quantities available.
Sufficient water points at the venue Safe and fast ride (120km), scenic ride (40km and 80km)
Clubhouse with cash bar and ablution facility
Crime free zone


  • Registration 12h00
  • 15h00 Start of 40km (28km 12km)
  • Dinner will be available
  • There will be a cash bar available


  • 05h00 Start of 80km
  • 04h00 Start of 40km
  • 08h00 Start of 40km
  • 15h00 Start of 40km


  • 03h00 Start of 120km
  • 05h00 Start of 80km
  • 08h00 Start of 40km
  • Breakfast will be available
  • Ice cold coldrinks and beer will be available every day

Entry Fees

  • 120km
  • 80km
  • 40km

Closing date for all entries will be 11 April. There will be a definite penalty for late entries of’R100.

Trophies for all winners!

More info: Piet – 0825587944, lormar@lormarendurance.co.za