Auntie Evelyne’s Eet Plek is situated in Nieu Bethesda, approximately 40km from Asemskep. Recipe can be found below and full article done by Karoo Space can be found here – http://karoospace.co.za/auntie-evelynes-lamb-bredie-recipe/

RECIPE: Auntie Evelyne’s Lamb Bredie


4kg lamb (from the ribs, shoulder, leg)

4 chopped onions

Half a cup chopped garlic

A cup of beef stock

6 peeled potatoes, chopped into chunks

4 carrots, sliced

2 cups of green beans

Red and green peppers


Cube the meat, then brown it in a little oil. Take it out and replace with the chopped up onions and garlic. Once this is golden and soft (don’t allow to burn), replace the meat and cook with the lid on.

Add a little stock (add more than a cup of needed) then the cubed potatoes and carrots.

Simmer on a low heat until the meat becomes tender. Shortly before serving, add the green beans and red and green peppers and replace the lid. You could also add a some maizena to thicken, and chutney or a little vinegar for taste.

Serve with barley or pearled wheat. Feeds many.

Photo credit: Karoo Space